• All guns to be used on the range must be unloaded and cased prior to entering or leaving the property.
  • No intoxicating substances on the premises, including parking areas.  Use of the premises is prohibited to anyone who has consumed such substances.
  • Safe gun handling practices will be observed at all times (NRA Standards).
  • Upon entering the range area, all commands of Range Officer’s or posted rules shall be followed.
  • Approved eye & ear protection must be worn at all times while on the range.   Available for sale at the gun counter.
  • You must be 21 years old to shoot a handgun & 18 years old to shoot a long gun unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  Minimum age 12
  • NO food or drink of any kind is permitted on the range.
  • No leaning on walls or feet on walls.  
  • Do NOT attempt to retrieve any dropped items beyond the firing line.  Call the Range Officer for assistance.
  • All guns used on the range must be in safe operating condition and used only with the proper factory ammunition.
  • Rifle Caliber by PERMISSION ONLY unless suppressed.
  • Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  • Always keep your finger OFF the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • Know your target and what is beyond.
  • You can load as many rounds as you would like, and fire them as fast as you want, as long as you do so safely and accurately.
  • ANY SHOTS fired that strike any surface besides your paper target (ie. ceiling, floor, target carrier, track, etc.), in any combination, will result in the Range Officer asking you to leave.
  • There is to be NO hand to hand transfers of firearms.  If you want to pass a firearm to another shooter, place the weapon on the firing line bench and step back.  The other shooter may then step forward and pick up the weapon.
  • Any loading or unloading of any firearm or magazines must be done on the firing line bench. You may NOT load or re-load your personal firearm outside of the range area. 
  • Drawing from a holster is NOT permitted. No holstering or unholstering of firearms on range.
  • There is no firing a firearm from the hip.  This includes pistol grip shotguns. 
  • Only one (1) person per lane will be permitted to fire at a time.
  • If a shooter needs to leave the stall for any reason, they must ensure that their firearm (s) are fully unloaded, made safe and the action(s) are open and visible.
  • All person’s belongings, targets, ammunition and firearms are to remain in assigned booth. 
  • You are responsible for the disposal of all of your trash and used targets. 
  • ALL Shell Casings are to remain on site.  If it is on the floor it STAYS on the floor.
  • Schuylkill Gun Works reserves the right to reject or refuse anyone access to all facilities.

DRESS CODE (To ensure a satisfactory experience, the following dress code will be enforced)

  • No Flip-Flops, sandals or open footwear of any kind allowed.
  • Extremes in apparel or jewelry, which are distractive, disruptive, disrespectful or unsafe will not be permitted.
  • Clothing or jewelry displaying: Drugs, obscenities, lewd or illegal behavior, sexual overtones, etc. or any reference that is disruptive to others will not be permitted.
  • Torn or ragged clothing will not be permitted.
  • For safety reasons low collared shirts are NOT recommended. 



  • Must remain in your holster until you are within the gun firing stall.
  • Must remain in your bag until you are within the gun firing stall. Bag should be pointed so muzzle is down range. 


  • Must remain in your case until you are within the gun firing stall.


  • Schuylkill Gun Works rental pistols will be issued in baskets. Keep pistols unloaded with slides and cylinders in the open position and visible until you get to your gun firing stall.
  • No magazine in the firearm while in the basket.



  • Must remain in your case unloaded on safe (if applicable) until you are within the gun firing stall.


  • Must be pointed to the ground with a color marker in the chamber for visualization that the gun is empty or gun lock must be installed.
  • No magazine in firearm.  


  • Steel shot/steel slug
  • Steel Tipped (NATO m855/ss109)
  • Tracer Rounds
  • Armor-piercing/Armor-Piercing Incendiary
  • Steel and Aluminum Cased Ammunition

If you wish to download our Shooting Range Rules to carry with you, click here: